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Yoga is a practice that I love, bring the best in me and remain me to keep the free expression that is hiding in all of us

After assisting to yoga classes for many years, searching and searching for happiness and more to do I ask myself what do you really want to do?

When I can combine the best of my teaching, bring fun to my classes and Be Authentic as myself

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Experience the unique healing Ayurvedic massage!

The massage is performed, using a combination of organic coconut oils, sesame oils, and some essence oils.

We don’t look at the watch while we are giving a massage. Our therapies are by previous appointment and we take our time with you to make you feel truly relax and energetic!

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I love to connect with people, make things different let then have fun when am enjoying myself the gift of Life.

Combine fresh ingredients, healthy veggies from our green house and fruity wines is the best combination when you are having a relaxing and magical experience in our events.

Full Moon festival event: Every month by a full moon calendar, tai-chi, African drums and a combination of full moon flow Beginners are Welcome!! We love beginners!! As my creativity flows and I feel inspired we make a yoga event in the unique locations on the island.

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In the outback nature of Bonaire lies a surprising treasure.

Built from reused materials, such as bottles and tires we created a unique and spiritual location where we perform our yoga events, yoga classes and ayurvedic massages.

Next to the unique structure is our greenhouse, where we grow the fresh produce that we use for our food and drinks.

The Earthship offers amazing valley views, a relaxed atmosphere and great sunsets and stargazing opportunities.

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Share your passions - love what you do - Talk with your heart

yoga classes   -  yoga events  -  massages  -  about me  -  the earthship